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Dr. Helen Hambly

University of Guelph - R2B2 Project
Associate Professor
BeSmart Executive Forum - Panel 3
Insight: An infrastructure investment such as a fibre optic network cannot be managed if it can't be measured. Data to inform decision-making for planning and evaluating broadband investment is one of the key constraints affecting investment in digital economies. The social benefit of internet is evidenced with quality and quantity of data, collected over time. Several key points for accessing and stewarding data for broadband will be highlighted in this discussion.

Bio: Dr. Helen Hambly is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development in the Ontario Agricultural College of the University of Guelph.
Dr. Hambly's research crosses information, communication and rural society. Her expertise lies in communication for social and environmental change, innovation research methods and data science. She leads the R2B2project.ca Ontario’s largest public-private partnership (P3) funded research initiative for rural internet. The project conducts geospatial and econometric analysis for evidence-based decision-making for public investment in regional and rural broadband.

Before joining the University of Guelph, Dr. Hambly worked in international R&D programs. She has professional work experience with The World Bank, United Nations and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. Her expertise covers topics such as knowledge mobilization and information and communication technologies for social inclusion and agricultural innovation. Helen grew up on a family farm near Guelph, Ontario.